Bluebonnet Feeds Ambassadors are everyday horse people, looking to be their best selves and do the best for their horses.











Interested in becoming an ambassador? We onboard a select number of passionate horse people every few months.

Please note: We review applications every 4-6 weeks. This application is for horse owners and non-professional riders only. If you are a professional horse trainer or athlete, and would like to learn about becoming a Bluebonnet Rider, please send us an email.

Ambassador benefits:

  • Promotion and amplification through Bluebonnet Feeds social media

  • Feature on the Bluebonnet website

  • Exclusive Bluebonnet Feeds swag

  • Special access to Bluebonnet Feeds and industry events

  • Special offers for Stride Animal Health and Bluebonnet Feeds products*

 What we look for in an ambassador:

  • Passion for the horse industry and providing the best possible care for their horses

  • A desire to learn and share their knowledge with others

  • Horse owners who keep their horses at home, or see their horse minimum once a week
  • At least one active social media account (you don't need to have a lot of followers).



*Discounts, coupons and special promotions for ambassadors are not guaranteed and will be limited to the terms outlined in the Bluebonnet Feeds Ambassador Agreement, which will be provided upon acceptance into the program.