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Aug 26th 2020

​Leaky Gut Syndrome in Barrel Horses

Leaky gut syndrome is popping up on the radar of more and more barrel horse owners. It is a condition that affects more horses than we realize, and much effort is being put in from researchers to help...

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Aug 26th 2020

Solving the Omega-3 Mystery

Horses commonly receive omega supplements to benefit health, performance, and outward appearance. However, few people understand the differences and what to look for when adding omegas to the diet. Fo...

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Jun 9th 2020

​Robert Chown’s Secret Weapon

With over 20 world titles in Cow Horse and Reining, Robert Chown knows a thing or two about getting a horse to perform at his best. It takes a great horse, excellent training, and a talented rider to...

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Jun 1st 2020

Box Issues Tied to Nutrition

Box Issues Tied to NutritionDr. Jyme NicholsDirector of Nutrition, Bluebonnet FeedsNo matter what number roper you are, or what caliber horse you ride, fine tuning your horse’s nutrition program incre...

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Apr 21st 2020

Achieving Optimal GI Health in Performance Horses

The nature of being a competitive performance horse often comes with stressors that we, as humans, may not realize--stalling, hauling, training, climate change, environment change, antibiotic use, and...

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Apr 7th 2020

Bluebonnet Myth Busters: Q1 2020

Each month, we share #bluebonnetmythbusters over on our social media channels. These are common misconceptions de-bunked and set straight with research-based facts. Below is a collection of myth buste...

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