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Mar 25th 2020

Equilene Pro Care

Equilene ® Pro Care® is a low starch, beet pulp based feed designed to support normal intestinal health. It is ideal for performance horses, seniors, and all horses under training, travel,...

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Mar 24th 2020

Double Dove Values Nutrition

Gail Holmes of Double Dove Ranch in Ft. Worth, Texas, desires only the best. Daughter of the late Jim Holmes, Gail is rooted in the cutting horse breeding industry. In fact, the family’s most noted...

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Mar 10th 2020

Nutritional Needs for Mares & Foals

When a woman is pregnant, the first recommendation a doctor makes is to begin prenatal vitamins. This advice holds true for horses as well. Pregnancy and lactation are the times of highest nutrient...

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Sep 27th 2019

Focusing on Yours: Feed You Can Trust

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to feeds and supplements for horses. A simple Google search for ‘horse supplement’ turns up over 67 million results, and ‘horse feed’ shows 485 million! Every a...

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Aug 9th 2019

Tips for Hard Keepers

Here are a few general recommendations for hard keepers. These may sound simple but can have a profound impact on how the horse utilizes nutrition.Have teeth evaluated by a reputable equine dental...

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Jun 17th 2019

Amino Acids for Muscle + Stamina

Horses are known for the explosive power that comes from strong, fully engaged muscles. Along with proper training, an amino acid supplement can help improve muscling, stamina, and explosive strengt...

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