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Mar 25th 2019

Foal Care and Feeding

The objective of managing and caring for a newborn foal is to allow them to grow and develop into the best athlete they can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to have an international level com...

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Feb 19th 2019

Hay Quality Determined by Time of Harvest

Harvest time of hay is one of the most influential factors that determine the quality of hay. As grasses and legumes continue to grow and mature the amount of valuable nutrients such as protein and...

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Sep 24th 2018

Estimating Body Weight of Your Horse

Knowing the body weight of a horse is an essential element for many management decisions. Most horse owners and veterinarians underestimate body weight of a horse when using only visual assessment....

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May 30th 2018

Organic Mineral Benefits

Organic MineralsThe use of organic minerals is becoming more and more popular in the horse feed industry, and there are many different types of minerals that fall under the “organic mineral” term. H...

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May 21st 2018

Fetal Programming

The term ‘fetal programming’ may sound like it belongs in a science lab rather than a breeding operation, but this concept is something that breeders should take note of. Most people don’t realize i...

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Jul 19th 2017

Digestive Support for Horses: Prebiotics and Probiotics

Performance horses are subjected to stresses on a daily basis. Horse owners, in turn, do everything possible to keep them healthy and comfortable so they perform to their highest potential. Spa therap...

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