Equilene Pro Care

Posted by Bluebonnet Feeds on Mar 25th 2020

Equilene Pro Care

Equilene ® Pro Care® is a low starch, beet pulp based feed designed to support normal intestinal health. It is ideal for performance horses, seniors, and all horses under training, travel, or immune stress.

What Makes Equilene Pro Care Unique?

The technologies in Equilene® Pro Care® were selected for their unique abilities to strengthen the intestinal lining and support a normal healthy response to inflammation within the body.

Beet Pulp 

Equilene Pro Care bag

Beet pulp, a base ingredient in this feed, is a fermentable fiber source which supports calorie needs without having to add starchy grains. In addition, beet pulp provides prebiotic activity and naturally stimulates the production of butyric acid by the microbiome. Butyric acid supports health and growth of intestinal cells which in turn supports immunity.

Strong Intestinal Lining = A Healthy Horse

Leaky Gut Syndrome, EPM, allergies, and systemic inflammation are examples of situations that quickly progress in horses with compromised intestinal linings. Tight junctions are responsible for holding together the cells which line the intestinal tract. When the tight junctions are functioning properly and the cells themselves are healthy, the immune system is strong and the horse can naturally fend off toxins, protozoa, and allergens that might otherwise wreck havoc.

Joint Health and Mobility

Equilene Pro Care contains unique, research-proven ingredients which have been shown to support normal health of joints and assist the body in clearing low-grade inflammation that occurs with normal daily training and exercise.


Inflamm-aging is a term that describes chronic low-grade inflammation that develops with advanced age. Inflammation accelerates the process of aging and can worsen many age-related diseases. Unique yeast culture metabolites are included at levels which are research-proven to support the body’s natural ability to clear inflammation and support lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

How to Get It

Contact your Bluebonnet Feeds Dealer today to request early bird access! For more information, view the tag and info-graphic or email info@acbluebonnet.com

Note: During this soft launch phase, the feed will be delivered in the light blue Bluebonnet Feeds poly bag. 

Learn more about Equilene® Pro Care® for Bluebonnet Nutritionist, Dr. Jyme Nichols in this 15-minute informational video: