Pasture Plus Hi Mag Mineral

Available through Bluebonnet Feeds or AC Nutrition Dealers only.

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SKU 155021-AA


  • Provides high levels of Magnesium along with Calcium, Phosphorous, Trace Minerals and Vitamin A
  • Budget minded design
  • Feed free choice to cattle grazing on lush green pastures such as wheat, oats, ryegrass or immature native spring pastures
  • “Water Shed” technology: “Helps Keep Mineral Dry”. Protects mineral from weather and helps resist caking, leaching & hardening in the mineral feeder
  • Contains prebiotics from yeast culture to help animals digest forages more thoroughly and maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Provides highly absorbable magnesium at the correct level to help avoid grass tetany along with a full complement of modern supplementation including calcium, phosphorous, salt, zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium and vitamin A
  • Contains natural flavors & cane molasses to enhance consumption
  • Cattle need to consume an average of 2 ounces minimum daily to help avoid grass tetany