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Super Spur Poultry Supplement provides concentrated levels of high quality protein and amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, kelp micronutrients, chelated trace minerals and vitamins.   Expect improvement in endurance, bone development, muscle condition, feather quality, breeding performance, immune system response and more.

Contains patented amino acid chelated trace minerals for optimum absorption.  Optimum trace mineral nutrition maximizes the blood profile, immune system, breeding, fertility and vivid color.

Fortified with prebiotics and probiotics to allow maximum digestive efficiency and stability in the digestive tract.  Helps maintain proper pH in the digestive tract.

Provides a full does of kelp, digestive aids, iron, copper, zinc, selenium and B-Vitamins along with Vitamin A, D, and E.  Extra Vitamin K is added for overall health and improved blood clotting.  Minerals and vitamins are balanced at optimal levels to promote optimal condition and development in all birds.

Feeding Directions:  Use scoop in package.

Hand Feeding:  Maintenance Level For Poultry: Top dress feed at a rate of one-half (1/2) scoop per bird daily.

Birds During Periods of High Nutrient Demand, Stress and During Molt: Top dress feeds at a rate of one (1) scoop per bird daily.

Mixing with Feed Blends: Mix Super Spur with complete feed at a rate of 10% of total feed mix.  Mix 20% Super Spur with feeds for birds during periods of stress and when molting.

Caution: DO NOT feed to sheep or other copper sensitive species.



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    Precio y envío a Mexico

    Posted by Francisco Javier Dominguez cedillo on May 12th 2020

    Me gusta hojala y me puedan enviar a México y me den precio

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    Great poultry supplement

    Posted by Papa Ritz on Feb 6th 2019

    This is a GREAT supplement that we add to our daily feed in a small dose, maybe a dozen pellets per bird. For show; makes them look like winners & judges agree, we have plenty of ribbons to show for it. Health; helps their digestive, blood & bone structure. gives them additives for shiny feathers, good facial colors, clear/ responsive eyes & many more benefits

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    Great Item

    Posted by William on Feb 6th 2019

    i used this item when i had game chickens to help build them up now i use it on my turkeys and other birds it works great on them to and helps keep their head bright red and in good shape but don't give it to them ever day helps with the eggs good strong shells and chicks that hatch out are good shape great item to use