Bluebonnet® Feeds has been feeding horses across Texas and Oklahoma for over three decades, but now it is rapidly becoming a brand that is sought after by horsemen across the nation. Since the beginning, Bluebonnet® has stood by the motto that “Quality is the Best Value”. Horse owners want to know, and deserve to know, what is in the feed they give their horse. Therefore, open labels, locked formulas, and an ionophore-FREE facility are standard policy.

Horses are incredibly sensitive animals and their digestive system requires special attention when it comes to the diet – Bluebonnet® understands this. In an effort to support the unique digestive needs, Bluebonnet® Intensify® Horse Feeds contain a proprietary mix called Intensify® Technology. This technology, only available from Bluebonnet® Feeds, provides finely tuned levels of specific organic minerals, vitamins, pre- and probiotics, and natural digestive enzymes to keep horses at the top of their game.

When you choose Bluebonnet®, you are choosing more than a brand of feed, you are becoming family. Our team of nutritionists, consultants, and customer service personnel are available to give you and your horses the best experience possible. From individual diet consulting to educational seminars we value our customers and strive to support them in every way possible.

Bluebonnet® Feeds is a brand you can trust. We are excited for the future and are actively seeking new dealers across the country. For more information, or to find (or suggest) a Bluebonnet retailer near you click here