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Feed Forms Explained

Although grass or hay is the foundation of a horse’s diet, a concentrated feed should be added to meet nutritional and energy requirements. But w

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The Definition of Cool Energy

If your horse is consistently hot, spooky or high-strung no matter how long he’s been worked, the culprit might be his diet. A horse’s energy c

What our customers are sayin'

  • Bluebonnet Feed has been great for us. It keeps our horses looking great, feeling great & helps us reach our goals in & out of the show arena.

    CR Bradley
  • Every bag is consistently the same & that is great peace of mind for us. I feel lucky to live in this part of the world where I can get Bluebonnet Feeds.

    Pete Oen
  • Quality in my feed is crucial. It's important for my customers horses & it's vital to my success in the show pen.

    James Payne

Our Team

Christine Warzecha, MS

Sales Consultant Christine was born and raised in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania and grew up riding hunt se

Amanda Stephenson

Sales Consultant Born in South Carolina and raised as a native of the agricultural state of Illinois, Aman

Lindsay Burer

Sales Consultant Lindsay started riding horses in her home state of Florida at age 13 & competed loca

Brock Arnold

Sales Consultant Brock was raised in a small agricultural community in the panhandle of Oklahoma. He later

Charlie Penturf

Sales Consultant Charlie’s career in agribusiness started in high school with his first real job being i