James Payne Values Good Condition & Simplicity

Maintaining horses in the perfect body condition is a top priority for cutting horse trainer, James Payne, an NCHA Open Hall of Fame rider whose lifetime NCHA earnings exceed $3.6 million. We often hear the saying “a fat horse sells”, but people tend to overlook the fact that an overweight horse is more likely to suffer injuries. Payne strives for the horses in his program to look good, but also be fit.

Feeding horses is not like feeding cattle, according to the team at Payne Ranch. “Quality in the horse feed is way more important than price, because if I have a horse that the condition is not good and the hair coat is not right, people aren’t going to be happy and they aren’t going to keep sending me their horses,” explains Payne.

The Payne’s also believe in simplicity, which is why all the horses at their place eat the same feed. “We have been feeding Equilene Pelleted from Bluebonnet Feeds since early 2012, and it has really worked for us. I love that it’s a great all around feed and our horses look healthy with a shiny hair coat,” says Payne’s wife, Nadine, an NCHA Non-Pro Hall of Fame rider with earnings in excess of $685,000.

Equilene Pelleted is a locked formula, alfalfa-based feed produced by Bluebonnet Feeds. “It is a popular feed among larger horse operations because it fits so many different horses,” states Dr. Jyme Nichols, equine nutritionist for Bluebonnet Feeds. “It is a controlled-starch formula with cool-energy calorie sources that create great body condition without causing an excitable attitude,” explains Nichols.

Equilene Pelleted contains patented organic trace minerals which are research-proven to improve coat quality, hoof integrity, and support cells that line the digestive tract. All of that, plus a built in digestive support package create a healthy horse from the inside out.

Take a walk down the stall rows at Payne Ranch and you would be hard-pressed to find a horse that doesn’t look amazing and perform well. Team Payne takes pride in how their horses look and also in their attitudes and willingness under saddle. They believe there is no silver bullet, just a lot of hard work and dedication to a lifestyle and sport they love.

Bluebonnet Feeds understands that each operation is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Therefore, a team of nutrition consultants are available for free evaluations of horses and programs, whether that be on the farm, over the phone or through a free virtual nutrition consult.

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