Intensify® Total Advantage®


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Intensify Total Advantage is a complete diet, that is safe to feed in large amounts with or without forage, while ensuring optimal nutrition.

Plus, at only 11% NSC (starch + sugar), this feed is a metabolic-friendly option for horses with sensitive digestive systems or metabolic conditions.

This unique feed brings serious wellness-boosting benefits, including: Lifeline+ Equine (only from Bluebonnet Feeds), advanced digestive support, healthy hooves and hair, brilliant shine, enhanced immunity and disease defenses, and more!

Intensify Total Advantage is a complete total diet feed that may be used for horses in all life stages.  This feed may be fed without roughage or with roughage to help extend the hay supply. 

  • Contains Stride 101 Supplement.
  • Probiotics and yeast culture are included at guaranteed levels for excellent digestive health.
  • “True Name” ingredient listing shows the specific names of the ingredients in this feed.
  • Elevated levels of Vitamin E for anti-oxidant support.
  • Contains reduced carbohydrate and starch levels.
  • Contains “Cool Energy” calories from premium fat sources rich in omega fatty acids.
  • Kelp seaweed meal is included for increased micronutrient support.
  • Critical amino acids, trace minerals and vitamin levels are guaranteed on the label.
  • Contains organic minerals and organic selenium yeast.