Sheep & Goat Pellets

Available through Bluebonnet Feeds Dealers only.
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Formulated for Growth, Breeding and Maintenance of Sheep and Goats.


  • 14% protein high quality feed. 
  • Ammonium Chloride is included at the maximum allowable level to help prevent urinary calculi problems.
  • All select ingredients must pass our strict quality inspection standards before being accepted for use.
  • “True Name” ingredient listing shows the specific name of the ingredients used in this feed wherever possible.
  • Reduced starch and carbohydrate levels in an easy to digest formula helps prevent instances of acidosis or ulcer formation.
  • Major minerals are balanced through proper formulation to provide the correct levels of calcium and phosphorous for optimum breeding and bone development.
  • “Copper Safe” formulas provide the necessary level of copper for sheep and goats. Sheep have a copper requirement, but they simply do not need too much.
  • Balanced and fortified with all necessary vitamins and minerals to maximize results without the need for additional supplementation.